Heavy Hauling

Mertens serves the entire state of Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado with trouble-free, heavy haul equipment transport, step deck and flatbed delivery, long haul and oversize load trucking services. We take pride in offering personal customer service, along with our company’s commitment to make the process of moving your loads as straight-forward and simple as possible.

Mertens will gladly arrange the logistics for your most challenging heavy equipment loads in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado. Load quoting, planning, equipment requirements and driver selections are all done by our same core group of professionals.

Through years of dedication to customer service and hard work we have grown into the well-established heavy equipment hauling & moving company we are today!

Heavy Hauling Offered at Mertens Equipment mertensequipment.com

Cross-State Heavy Equipment Hauling

Workers at Mertens Equipment transfer an 80,000 pound, $1.5 million dollar Caterpillar D11 bulldozer for travel to a rock quarry in California.

When it arrives it will get “dressed up” including the dozer blade, tracks and cab for a total weight of 240,000 pounds.

Mertens services go beyond Mohave County! We offer services in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, and Colorado.

To schedule your haul, call Ron at (928) 727-2973 today!