Mobile Line Boring

We have the experience and skills necessary to repair your equipment quickly and correctly

Mobile Line Boring can be best described as a mobile machining process that allows us to bring holes on machinery back to factory specifications. Once the holes have become worn beyond tolerance they are unsafe and need to be machined back to factory size.

There is no need for over-sizing of holes and use of non-factory parts, the best way is to simply have our mobile service come to you and rebuild your original equipment. This is a precision skill and our tolerances meet manufactures specifications.

Our line boring machines support boring diameters from 1.375 to 6 inches (35 to 152.4 mm), with the precision and speed of stationary machines. Specially designed mounting brackets, spherical bearings, self-centering setup cones, and movable rotational drive and feed units simplify setup and allow the tools to work in tight spaces.

High quality welding and cladding is available with our welding machines that attach directly to our boring machine. The mounting fixtures allowing a single setup for both welding and machining operations. These automated welders offer high-quality welding performance for bore, flange and valve repair.

We do repair of any machine related pin bores on the following:

  • Center Pivot Pins
  • Dozer and Loader Frames
  • Forklift Masts
Mobile Line Boring Offered at Mertens Equipment